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Your brand and business needs are paramount with us.  Conversations with consumers happen across multiple touch points: from TV, internet, radio, magazine and social media formats to the oldest form: outdoor advertising.   With over 12 years of experience in outdoor media sales and management, we can help you with your out-of-home strategy.  TOPDOG Media's focus is to provide quality ad space and value for your small business or national brand.   We take pride in our results at every stage:  from development to proof of performance.

Use Outdoor media to "fill in gaps" left behind by radio, TV, magazine and internet campaigns.  The outdoor message is posted 24/7, giving your brand constant presence and repeated exposure.  The average consumer needs to be exposed 4-6 times before they have absorbed a message.  Outdoor ensures your message is there when they are in the mindset to receive it.

Our Mission

Choice riders, captive audience, high net worth, active.


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